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meet the mocha mystic


jessica fowler-frye, owner

Hi, I'm Jessica - the Mocha Mystic!

I created The Mocha Mystic to help others connect with the earth and stay in tune with the universe through a greater understanding of the benefits of nature's wonders - crystals, herbs, and more.


My products, services, and resources are designed to help you manifest your goals and guide your life in a more harmonious manner. I hope to be able to help members of the Mocha Mystic community realize their true self and connection with the world around them.

Thank you for exploring the Mocha Mystic community, I hope you find something that eases your path. Blessed be!

**Interested in a more personal approach to learning the ways of the Mocha Mystic? I also offer one-on-one consultations and custom products!**

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